Arien Go Home

Arien Go Home

OverviewThe action game which puts a spaceman on a UFO

Jump Crouch

"Arien Go Home" is Score-attack game like Ball-toss(Paper-toss) game. Only use Flick (+occasionally Tap)!

Please send a lot of ariens to the planet before the time limit. Keep making the ship be full(Jampack). The time limit will recover little by little if it does so.

If capacity over the planet, the "Time-bonus" is obtained. And, the "Fever-time" starts. "Fever-time" is winning steak.

"Jampack" occurs when the capacity of the UFO ship is exceeded. When "Jampack" occurs, "Time-bonus" is obtained just a little. "Jampack" is possible excluding "Fever-time". "Many a mickle makes a muckle"! Moreover, various bonuses happen when it is repeated. It will profit you. In Result, "Rank of Local" and "Details of this play" are displayed. The record of "1st place of the local" can challenge the world ranking! "Local ranking" and "World ranking" can be seen in "Ranking mode". The person in the 3rd place from the 1st place stands in the victory stand! Good Luck!


appleiPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iPad mini
amazonKindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD