Galaxy Paint

Galaxy Paint

OverviewYou can be the galaxy designer


◆In a matter of few seconds, your own constellation is created and starts to shine brightly!◆

Easy intuitive motions! Regardless of gender or age, you can make your original constellation, pattern, drawing or symbol in a scribble sensation!

You can shoot each dot and make a dotted drawing or you can slide your finger as you like!
(You can use a maximum of 1,000 points and draw in all directions 360°!)
Then, touch the constellation and symbol you made and enjoy a fantastic and dynamic animation!

All you need is few seconds of your time and a finger! You can enjoy as you like as many times as you want!
The constellation you drew shows many expressions and beautiful animation while you touch the screen.

And, if you are lucky to have a device with a gyro function, you can enjoy looking at the galaxy and animation in any angle you like and you can have the best experience as if you are really in the galaxy!

You won't get tired of even just looking at it, but it's more fun because you can draw it yourself! You can even move it after you make it!

Seeing the animation of beautifully flashing galaxy may even heal you mind psychologically! (ASMR)
With Galaxy Paint, you can be the designer of your own galaxy instantly and become a producer! This is real magic!

If you are confident with the work that you made, be sure to share it on SNS!

*The picture you took in the app is saved in the "Screenshots" folder.


Music is produced by OtoLogic.
Some sound effects is produced by Sound Effect Lab.


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appleiPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iPad mini
amazonKindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD