Muscles Puzzle

Muscles Puzzle

OverviewThis is a puzzle game in which you can know the location of the map of muscles

Beginner Expert Master

Memorize muscles through jigsaw puzzles in this educational game focused on enjoyment and good pacing.

This app is recommended for those who are studying medicine and want to learn the names and locations of muscles, those who want to study muscles and become muscular efficiently, etc., and those who want to spend quality time with educational apps.

Navigation Assist for Beginners!

Enjoy the game to the very end, even if you're a complete beginner by asking the Navigation for help.

Competitive Online Play

Enjoy replaying the game by competing for the best completion time with players worldwide and aiming for the highest rank. Replaying the game also earns you coins used to get pictures of muscles.


appleiPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iPad mini
amazonKindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD