SEKIRARA Peek into the colors!

SEKIRARA Peek into the colors!

GenreArt and Entertainment
OverviewAlso supports illustrations! Differentiate from your rivals!

"The world is made up of such colors!?"

Sekirara captures "only the colors" of the world that you see, from sceneries, people, and paintings in the real world to digitally-drawn anime and game characters, and portrays them distinctly.

In camera mode, it operates in real time and allows you to enjoy a journey of discovering colors. (You can also take photos)
Furthermore, by watching a Reward video, you can also input and analyze local images and save the results as well. (You can do this for a limited number of times)

If you are an artist who has trouble with colors, this app will surely be a great help to you.
This is because you will be able to learn how the colors that you see are made!
Grasp the true identity of colors and use colors skilfully!


Analyze that masterpiece that you admire in an instant!
Learn the mechanism of how colors are seen and become able to manipulate colors!

Of course, anime-style pictures can also be analyzed!
Peek at the "charming patterns" of creations of the world and distinguish yourself from your rivals!
(You can also save the results of the analysis as an image)

When looked at through Sekirara,
even the real world becomes a world full of new discoveries that you would never have noticed from your usual perspective!
(The camera mode operates in real time and you can take photos in it as well)

Use the image save function to expand its range of applications!
Use it with an external tool for various adjustments, effects, and materials based on your ideas...

As the sky, etc. in the "world only consisting of colors"
is looks practically like an illustration,
you can use it as it is as a material for the background of an illustration as well...

*Only use it for personal use

Sekirara Copyright (C) 2019 Hiiro@alfleetAR / DigitalGene
Unimgpicker Copyright (C) 2016 Tomohiro Matsumura
Social Connector Copyright (C) 2011 Keigo Ando
GenEi Nu Gothic EB Copyright (C) 2018, o_tamon


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